Build a Technical Documentation Page (The test script fails. Not sure why)

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I have created a technical documentation page that is still due for some sprucing up with stylization but I am having a hard time getting it to pass the test script. I think that the approach I took to putting the “navbar” navigation links inside of a <.u.l.>. is causing the test script to be unable to recognize the fact that they are there. What do you think the problem is? Any feedback would be super helpful.

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I think this is maybe due to a typo in the href here (notice the 's):

  • <a href="#CarPlay's_3rd_Party_Navigation_App_Support"

    And should be:

    The tests appear to fail on the assertion for matching up this specific nav bar item and the corresponding main section. Also, you’ll notice the assertion of “expected 7 to equal 6”, which suggests the test wants to match up your 7 links to 7 main sections, but can’t.


  • That absolutely fixed the broken link. I appreciate that greatly.

    The script that determines if the project is passing still says there are 2 failing tests. I reread through some of the errors today and it state that there were no elements named “nav-link” in the “navbar”. I am almost 100% positive that this is because all the “nav-link” elements are nested inside of a “<.u.l.>.” now.

    I feel like I should still clean it up with some formatting changes and submit it since there is one technicality keeping the script from recognizing the validity of my page while the functionality is still fully intact. Is this something that could cause my progress to be stalled in the program? Should I just scratch the whole navbar that I have made and retool it to be formatted in the way the script wants?

    Your failed tests are not because of your <ul> but are the result of subtle typos.

    Read the details of the assertion test errors closely. The complaint is that there is the wrong number of elements class=“nav-link”

    Use Ctrl-F to highlight instances of class=“nav-link”. You will see that there is one more than you have corresponding sections

    The text in one of your nav-links does not match the text in corresponding header.