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Did you complete the lessons on HTML and CSS before the project? You should take a look at the example page on the FCC Codepen that’s linked to in the project prompt.
If I were you I’d just start and see how far I got before getting stuck. Then come to the forum with a more specific issue.

Hey there Adeshineshine,

The following link will direct you to the first lesson the responsive web development series.

Usually when I start a project on freecodecamp, I create it in

This will allow you to include your html, css and javascript content.

Check out the links above as to how you start learning more about HTML and the second link, will be a great place to implement your new skills.

Hope this helps,


please i have done the project one on codepen , i scored 7/10 . can some help me to educate me on

how to send the codepen page to this group? thanks

i have done the first project on codepen where i score 7/10. my issues now is that i dont know how to attached the codepen page and send to this to enable the group assist me .

kindly please help me out…

this is how far i have gone with my codepen project on tribute. kindly help

Glad you figured out how to share your pen!

As for the first failing test:

  1. I should see an element with corresponding id=“title”, which contains a string (i.e. text) that describes the subject of the tribute page (e.g. “Dr. Norman Borlaug”).

It looks like your element with the ID of title is the div with the H1 header inside of it. I’m thinking the test fails because it expects to see that ID on the H1. Try moving the ID from the DIV to the H1.

I think you may have just misspelled title. That should get you one more requirement satisfied

I agree. I overlooked that. @alhazen1 is correct.

OK - you have done a great job so far!

You asked some questions and got good answers from the forum.
You’ve figured out CodePen and posted your work for others to see.
You have very methodically satisfied most of the requirements.
Your code is neat and orderly.
Fix that spelling in title and you will have 8 of 10 requirements checked off.

Now to finish the remaining requirements…

Now you need to work on hosting the image somewhere on the internet. Some people use DropBox and there are other hosts that will work with CodePen too.

You have syntax errors in your CSS. You might do well to comment out your css and then reintroduce style one property at a time, checking after each that the changes worked as expected.

You could also try using the Analyze CSS tool to find errors.

There are some helpful clues in the error messages from the testing tool. Read those carefully to determine how to fulfill the last two requirements. You may need a little research to figure those out. If you get stuck start a new topic on the forum asking for help with that specific problem. Just like here, a link to your current CodePen is very helpful.

Beyond the requirements
Once you have fulfilled the requirements you don’t have to stop. Carefully add the details that will make your tribute special. If you need design advice the Project Feedback category on the forum is a good place to ask for help.

Good luck

thank so much. have done the css analyze , now my code is free of error with 8/10 . After hosting how do i conclude this project? is hosting part of the fcc requirement for this project?

thanks @ LISALOOP. Have made the changes, now i have 8/10. what next?