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Hi there people

I’m on my first project which is to build a tribute page but I have no idea what to do on the codepen.pen test template. If anyone can help me to get started because I cant seem to get the test running.

Thank you

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If you post the link to your codepen , then it will be easy for us to help you.
However what you have to do to get the test working is :
Go to settings in your pen > then go to javascript and then paste this in external scripts
Does that help?

If you’re asking how to start the project, there is a button on the top right that says RUN. Just click that and it should start your code.

  1. Go to Codpen, create an account if you don’t have one. Start a new pen. Call it My Tribute or something like that.
  2. Follow Aditya_p steps
  3. Work through the user stories and create a page you can be proud of. use the Script to check your code. Read the errors and fix your code as needed. (choose tribute page, click run, click the red button if it shows up and read through the errors)