Build a Tribute Page - Run Test

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I am trying to figure out how to run the tests on this. I have looked and searched for tutorials on it and am not sure how to add the test.

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If you’re doing the project on codepen, you can start with the codepen link near the bottom of the instructions.

Are you doing the challenge in If so there’s a little hamburger menu in the upper left of the preview area when you’re in editor mode. Expand that and choose ‘Tribute Page’ from the dropdown and run the tests. Initially, all will fail. As you code each of the user stories you’ll see the tests pass.

It’s easiest to do the challenge in codepen because;

  • the objective links to codepen with a pen that shows you something that is functionally similar to what you’ll be doing for the challenge
  • when done you can paste the link to your completed codepen code into the solution area.

If you decide to build the page locally, make sure you paste the following snippet in the body of your html file

<script src=""></script>

This should give you that little hamburger menu.


Yes I am working in codepen, I didn’t start with the link and the icon is not showing

Thanks I will try that