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4. 4. Within the “img-div” element, I should see an element with a corresponding id=“image”.

Q: Could someone help me identify what part of my code is not allowing the HTML editor to recognize my id declaration?
Here is a link to my codepen:

I think resolving this will resolve the issues with the #Layout since my image is shrinking and growing with the page. If not, any tips are welcome.


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I believe the issue resides here:

<img id="img" src=""
      alt="The image shows a SHARP microwave drawer in a kitchen. The drawer slides into the open position. With a blue tray inside the cavity.">
<figcaption id="img-caption"><strong> A SHARP Microwave Drawer in the open position. Designed and built in Memphis, Tennessee.</strong>

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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Hello, id should be image. You have:

Hope this helps.

That was it. Thanks for your help, and thanks for sending me an answer quickly.
I will try to read the instructions more closely moving forward.

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