Build a Tribute Page project (Responsive Web Design Projects)

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i was just given my first project and i don’t know what to do.

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What’s the issue you are having?
Inspiration? You don’t know where to build it?
Please be more specific when you ask for help :slight_smile:

I have problems as well to understand, if there is only one way to write the code of the tribute page.

of course i understand what we do, but i don’t understand why we translate "to see a corresponding id=“main”, means we write


There is not a single way, there are s lot of ways to write the code but you need to respect certain conditions.

So, that condition means you need to have an html tag that have an id of main
As in <tag id="main"></tag> (tag is not a real tag name)

okay, thank you for your answer !!
and would u tell me : how do I know what is HTLM from what is CSS? in order to fill the right box with the right script…

You may want to review the previous lessons if you have this doubt

Anyway, what you would put in the style tag goes in the css box