Build a Tribute Page - project

Hello World:

My name is Disheng. I am from China. I just finished the “Build a Tribute Page”. It took me around 10 hours. Here is the Codepen link:

Please give me any feedback of this thanks! And anything that I can improve would be really helpful! Also, I still have two issues I can’t figure out.

  1. Sometimes I do not sure when I should use div elements or not. Can anyone explain for me thanks!

  2. For the unordered list in the project, how can I make it looks like Quincy Larson’s example that the unordered list point will be under the header element? (Example in pic)

Again, thanks so much for spending your time to look at my project!

Looks great Disheng. Great 1st project. Can’t wait to see what you do from now on. I loved ‘Kung Fu Hustle’ BTW.

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thanks, I loved that movie too. You should watch “shaolin soccer” too~