Tribute Page - First Project

Hello, fellow campers!
Please, evaluate my first project! Here is my tribute page
I tried to create the same design as Quincy Larson made but my code seems not so clear :frowning:
Would appreiate any comments!

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At codepen you can choose „tidy HTML“ and it will indent all your code correctly.

Personally, I appreciate the fact that you wanted to recreate the look of the example pen. I was just wondering if you could use more semantic tags than div and i.

Well done :+1:t2:

Looks great - nice clean style. Good use of bold in the list though I found the text a little small to read easily.

I too noticed that you have replicated the style of the example - fair enough - it looks good! I’m impressed to see how you used CSS to do this as it seems to me that the example tribute page doesn’t do this.