My First Tribute Page project on free code camp

My First Tribute Page project on free code camp
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Here is the link to the page, if there are any suggestion do suggest me.



It would have been more interesting if you had chosen a person different from the example.


Nice work. Here’s some feedback:

  1. It would be better to use some “semantic” HTML elements like figure, figcaption for the image-related part of this task.
  2. Reserve h1…h6 elements for “headings” or “heading-like” parts of the page, again focusing a bit on semantics.
  3. Bootstrap has many in-build classes to achieve most, if not all, of the styles for this page. Explore Bootstrap by downloading the bootstrap.css file from the website to your local machine. I found a few classes by doing a Find/Search for keywords such as “font-size”, “width”, etc.
  4. Avoid inline CSS, if you can. It’s a good practice to separate the markup (HTML) and CSS always.

Good luck!