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Down towards the bottom of that page you linked to is a form to enter the url to your solution. Afterwards click the completed button and you’re done.

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please how can i get the url. Tried copying the link and pasting it on a fresh page and it opened an empty codepen

have you created a codepen account and forked the given pen with the test suite? (fork button is in the bottom right corner).

if you have already worked on it, and still have the pen open, fork the pen with your work

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wow. I just did that and i tried opening it in a fresh web page and it worked. but i have already submitted my work. Is there anyway out?

submit it again, so you will have submitted the right link

only last thing you have submitted is kept

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Thanks so much for helping me out. I really appreciate. Done

Awesome! Happy coding!

Next time that you have a question, please open your own thread :slight_smile:

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