- Build a Tribute Page

Hi guys I’ve already finished my tribute page and when i try to submit my URL it’s not working can someone please tell me what is wrong

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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Hi !, you are submiting the correct link of code pen ?, if you can post the link here, it would be cool to check what’s wrong !

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Ok, i think i got the problem, try to submit the project in FCC Page with the link of the codepen in full view, what i mean by that is you need to change the view of your project to Full Page View, try that and then tell us something !


It’s still not working :man_shrugging:

Not sure when you mean. I had a problem with the URL I got from CodePen for my project. It was the origin ‘Fork Me’ page URL, not my work. I pasted that in. When I when back t the URL, it was the blank page. I lost all my work. I found out that you first have to click the fork button at the bottom right of the page to get the save button.
Then it will generate a unique URL for your page that you submit.

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What exactly is not working? Is there an error message you’re seeing?

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what I’m trying to say is when i try to submit my URL to the solution box and click the " I’ve completed this challenge button " it doesn’t go through

What happens? Does it just loop? Does it give an error message? What makes you say it doesn’t go through?

when i click the “I’ve completed this challenge button” it doesn’t work