Help ! I am unable to submit my tribute page link . My page button[I have competed this challenge] is not working

Tell us what’s happening: I have completed all the tests but unable to submit my tribute page link . My page button [I have competed this challenge] is not working.

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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make sure you fork the project

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Hi @Raj0 !

Welcome to the forum!

What do mean the submission link is not working? Can you explain what happens when you click on the button?

So I wrote my codes of HTML and CSS on codepen for the tribute page challenge.
I have passed the test then I copied the link and pasted it on solution and clicked on the button (I have completed this challenge ) but the page does not load further. I have clicked several times but it does not work.

I did it but it does not work…

Ohh I see.
I don’t think you forked it properly because the url is supposed to be different from the sample.

I just tested it with my own account and the url is different.


I also confirmed this, it doesn’t look like you are submitting the fork

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You should see your user name in the url not freecodecamp’s.

So how can I fix it ?

Try forking the project again and make sure that the url changes and you see your name.

You can also just copy the cdn link into the html page.
Like seen here and then just copy the rest of your code into that pen.
<script src=""></script>

Whichever option you choose make sure that your user name is showing. Like you see in the picture.

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Thanks guys …
Thanks for the help…
The forum is awesome…