"Build a Tribute Page....."

Hi guys i have a problem with submiting my tribute page , when i try to submit my URL link and click the " I’ve completed this challenge " button doesn’t work can someone please help me out :pray: :pray: :pray:

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what do you mean that it doesn’t work? what happens?

what I mean is that when i copy my link to the solution box and click the " I’ve completed this challenge button" it doesn’t work

in what sense it doesn’t work? is the button deactivated? there is something that you think should happen that doesn’t happen?

I think something should happen but according to my situation nothing happens

please try reloading, switching off your browser extensions, clearing browser cache, incognito mode, an other browser

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I’ve tried everything you told me but its still not working .I think maybe the " I’ve completed this challenge " button is deactivated

(Attachment 2020-08-13_1138.swf is missing)

have you put an url in the text box?

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yes i have put the url in the text box

Hello @msafirikennedy0,

We are sorry you are having difficulties with submitting your project. However, this does not appear to be related to the source code, or anything we can do about it.

So, I recommend you use a different browser to accomplish this. Ensure you are pasting in the correct link, and it should work.

Encase you are unaware, browser extensions cause a lot of campers headaches, when programming within browsers, as many extensions cause the behind-the-scenes JavaScript code to not function as expected.

Hope this helps.

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Or maybe the problem is my browser because i’m currently using mozilla firefox

have you tried with a different browser?

Not yet let me try it now.

it was one of my suggestions above, please try the debugging suggestions given

I tried the incognito mode yesterday but it still didn’t work , so let me try using another browser