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I don’t understand whats happening here. I got all the requirements and I can progress to the next assignment, but I can’t believe that this is correct. I understand that I can add all the things from the example page etc, but still. I only see a white background with the text I added at the img-caption and the tribute-info, is it supposed to look like this with the HTML and CSS codes?

And the CSS was this:

#image{display: block;

max-width: 100%;

max-heigth: auto;

margin: 0 auto;}

You have done exactly what is required to pass the tests, nothing more nothing less. However you haven’t actually made anything!

For example, when the requirements tell you:

Within the #img-div element, you should see an img element with a corresponding id="image"

It would be expected that you would actually put an image on the page, rather than an empty img element.

You have not achieved the primary objective:

Build an app that is functionally similar to

This project should be an opportunity for you to build something meaningful, using all of the HTML and CSS knowledge which you have acquired thus far. Include text, images, various HTML elements and plenty of CSS to present it stylishly on the page.

Here is my Tribute Page:

It’s by no means brilliant or flawless in its execution, but I tried to push myself to do something interesting and a bit different (e.g. the parallax scrolling effect).

Thanks for the quick reply! Yeah, I’m gonna do it the right way now. I was just curious how I got all the requirements and still have this empty page. I don’t however understand why my title isnt displayed on the preview screen.
Your page looks nice! I’m going to try my best to get something nice as well haha.

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