Build Random Quote Machine


I am a newbie to web development and i finally completed my first project which is Build a Random Quote Machine on FCC. I would love some feedback please. link

is this a project worth doing using React?

I am pretty new too but for what its worth I like it. :grin: I do think if the button did not move or if you could click anywhere to make the quotes change it would be a little easier on the user. No reason to not try and make it better with react. You could toss in links to a wiki with the person being quoted. Just spitballing here.

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The random quote machine is a project from the Front End Libraries portion and that, and the other projects in that section, students have been building with React since that’s what they’ve just learned.
In fact, on the page where it talks about the project it says “You should use a frontend framework (like React for example) because this section is about learning frontend frameworks”

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