Building a Cafe Menu step 80

Hello. I was working through the Basic HTML and CSS course. I got to Step 80 in the build a Cafe Menu project and got confused.

Earlier we styled a paragraph that was nested in an item class by using:

.item p {


Step 80 instructions state : “To make the footer links the same color regardless if a link has been visited, use a type selector for the anchor element (a) and use the value black for the color property.”

So, wouldn’t the answer be to have:

footer a {
color: black;

That solution is not accepted. Instead, the only accepted solution is to use:

a {
color: black;

But, doesn’t that change all the links on the entire page, not just the footer as was instructed?

Personally i do agree that it is a general solution and not the most specific one, but again since you only have one link on the web page, seems like the easier thing to do.

This is a very good observation and I think I would consider this a bug. I think the reason the tests only expect an a instead of footer a is because there is only one link on the page, so in a way the footer is superfluous. But the instructions specifically mention that the link is in the footer so I can definitely see why you would use footer a. I think this demonstrates that you have a good grasp of how CSS works.

I’m tempted to open an issue on this as I’m sure you will not be the only one who does this. Do you feel comfortable opening a github issue on this?

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I don’t know anything about github.

I asked this is because all the other instructions and solutions are so specific. Leave a period off the instructed alt text for an image and you get dinged.

I think either the instructions need to be changed or the logic to accept the answer both ways should be added.

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