Building A City Skyline - Lesson Layout Qustion

Just curious, is there any particular reason that this lesson specifically goes back to holding your hand making the boilerplate?

This far into the course, I can’t think of a reason to have separate steps for building individual pieces of the HTML boilerplate, especially when lessons before this don’t do that.

Like, Step 1 is
<!DOCTYPE html>

and Step 2 is

if there is a reason, then I’m sorry for creating this topic, it just seems very strange in terms of pacing the lesson

also this is another lesson that fails:

<html lang="en">

with no explaination as to why, even though we’ve covered adding the language to HTML already

It also goes back to adding type="text/css" to the spreadsheet link, when there was a lesson we didn’t do that and from what I’ve seen here it’s not even a thing that you’re supposed to do anymore

EDIT: Additional question, x2

hello, hope you’re enjoying your weekend :slight_smile:

btw, i haven’t looked into it yet, but from what you have said, i can think of just one thing: “Practice”

let me elaborate, as you’ve said, it’s way later in course, and as it’s a build up for a complete project, then i would say it’s not a bad idea, to recap what you’ve gone through and apply it as you go forward!!

hey, thats just me, perhaps others can weigh in here about this! :slight_smile:

The thing is, building the boilerplate from scratch in 1 step in previous lessons already gave you the practice, if that makes sense?

breaking it down that far in seems kind of silly, because we’re building from scratch the entire time haha

would you mind sharing that step link?

yeah sometimes “recap” can be a bit annoying and boring :grin:

That’s step 1, if I remember correctly it does it to 4, and it’s still weird that sometimes a lesson will fail you for doing <html lang="en"> instead of <html> when we were told that we should be declaring the language in the HTML tags like way early on

fyi, thats used for “accessibility” aspect of this document, telling browser that it’s going t be in “english” language

so are you saying, you dont have to start from ‘beginning’ after "step 4’?!

Nonono I mean like

Here’s some examples of previous lessons:

Picasso Step 1:

Piano Step 1:

Skyline spreads out the previous Step 1s into like, 4 steps which is just strange given how deep into the cert it is

also, that’s fair, but it still shouldn’t fail the lesson when you enter <html lang="en"> because that’s an html tag, and it has been told to us before that it’s fine, plus the error message with it fails is something to the effect of “you have to have an <html> tag” which is unhelpful if you’re going to require the language to be undeclared

“you have to have an <html> tag”

well this seems like an opportunity to “contribute”, write up an issue about this then!! seems quite valid to me, error message should give enough relevant information to user so that they can correct this!!

i havent done this personally, so i cant really say for sure how “misplaced or redundant” this is!!

but filling issue for requesting a “better error message in console” sounds like a “good thing” to do!!

That was the plan I just wanted to ask here to see if it was a good idea or not before actually pushing it as an issue, but I can just open issues for the things I’ve noticed too that’s fine

happy contributing :slight_smile:

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Hello there,

I think the main reason is that lesson was the 2nd or 3rd project built. There is some inconsistency between the projects because they were done at different times, by different people, and in different orders.

We might want to think about removing some of the lessons that do not have to do with CSS variables.


yeah okay that makes a lot of sense

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