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hello dear Community
Sry i really dont understand, this new mechanic, i should use here, seems to be new and i have no idea, what they want from me…

this ist my code so far…

* {
  scroll-behavior: smooth;
  prefers-reduced-motion: no-preference;


The instructions for this challenge have a helpful reminder of the format of a media query.

@media (feature: value) {
  selector {

The * css selector was supplied in the starter code.

You just need to nest that selector inside a media query with the feature and value as specified in the instructions.

so i wanted continue, sry but i still dont understand right, i think i have to repeat all the Lessons.
What should i do here and what will be happen if i do. I really have basic understandic issues…
also i am not a native english speaker, which also harden all the lessons and confused sometime.
If someone really can explain what i am doing in this lesson and what happens, i would be glad :slight_smile:

Perhaps this will help:

Thank you for your help, but this doenst helped unfortunately, I had to look at the next Step.
This thing go too far in my opinion, how should I know, there should be a star after the opening bracket

@media (prefers-reduced-motion: no-preference)

and after this star again a opening bracket, this code art is completely new and not to understand for a noob like me.
Never Mind, thank you and the others for trying to help.
My Way is far more away, than i thought :slight_smile:

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