Building a web browser in Python 3

This has already been asked on the forum (that’s how I found this site in fact) but it wasn’t very specific and didn’t get good answers. So I thought I’d ask myself to hopefully get some better answers.

I’ll start by noting that I’m on Windows. Every single tutorial I’ve found thus fur is for Ubuntu or Mac. I can’t afford either.

I’m trying to build a simple web app for a website. I’ve found a module for this titled ‘pywebview’ but it seems to be very buggy. So I branched off and found this tutorial for building a good web browser. Problem is, it’s four years old. I tried to fix it, and I ended up with this:

   def __init__(self):
       # Create window
       self.much_window = gtk.Window()
       self.much_window.connect('destroy', lambda w: gtk.main_quit())
       self.much_window.set_default_size(360, 600)
       # Create navigation bar
       self.so_navigation = gtk.HBox()
       self.many_back = gtk.ToolButton(gtk.STOCK_GO_BACK)
       self.such_forward = gtk.ToolButton(gtk.STOCK_GO_FORWARD)
       self.very_refresh = gtk.ToolButton(gtk.STOCK_REFRESH)
       self.wow_address_bar = gtk.Entry()
       self.many_back.connect('clicked', self.go_back)
       self.such_forward.connect('clicked', self.go_forward)
       self.very_refresh.connect('clicked', self.refresh_page)
       self.wow_address_bar.connect('activate', self.load_page)
       self.so_navigation.pack_start(self.many_back, False)
       self.so_navigation.pack_start(self.such_forward, False)
       self.so_navigation.pack_start(self.very_refresh, False)
       # Create view for webpage
       self.very_view = gtk.ScrolledWindow()
       self.such_webview = webkit.WebView()'')
       self.such_webview.connect('title-changed', self.change_title)
       self.such_webview.connect('load-committed', self.change_url)
       # Add everything and initialize
       self.wow_container = gtk.VBox()
       self.wow_container.pack_start(self.so_navigation, False)
   def load_page(self, widget):
       so_add = self.wow_address_bar.get_text()
       if so_add.startswith('http://') or so_add.startswith('https://'):
           so_add = 'http://' + so_add
   def change_title(self, widget, frame, title):
       self.much_window.set_title('Wow So ' + title)
   def change_url(self, widget, frame):
       uri = frame.get_uri()
   def go_back(self, widget):
   def go_forward(self, widget):
   def refresh_page(self, widget):

Of course, I got an error because the tutorial was an Ubuntu and gi isn’t support on windows yet.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 2, in
from gi.repository import Webview as webview
ImportError: No module named ‘gi’

The question is, how DO I build a webbrowser in Python3 in 2018? I’m not looking for anything complicated, like a back button, a search bar, or anything. I literally just want to display a website inside my program and not the web browser. I also need to inject CSS into said page, something which pywebview can’t do well (it also doesn’t allow you to hide the scrollbars, which I need to do), but I could probably try and find that out myself if it means just getting a good tutorial that works on Windows.

You can’t afford ubuntu? But it’s free!

You can run a Python app in an ubuntu VM at Cloud9


Isnt this the the windows GTK library for python. Can you use that