Building of the Pomodoro Clock

Hello Campers,

I have just completed building the Pomodoro Clock.

Link of the completed Pomodoro Clock project is given below -

Your feedback are always welcomed.
Thanks in advance.:slightly_smiling_face:

Why do you have after the seconds 5 numbers :10000 on break? and on session after seconds it says :35 and it doesn’t change. It looks confusing to me and I would remove it. to reset the counter, instead of naming the button stop I would rename it to reset or something like that, when I see stop I think it will pause the timer. I’m still making my pomodoro clock and I’m not even close to done and am a noob at coding though, so I can’t comment on your javascript too much, but I see you’re using some built in ,miliseconds function and I’m assume thats causing the numbers after the seconds in session to change everytime I reset the clock which is weird, but at least its working and seems to be accurate.

I did not exactly understand what you wanted to know. But I am guessing you are asking about the 4 digits appearing after the seconds in both the Session and Break timer. These 4 digits represent nothing but the milliseconds as 1 second = 1000 millisecond. You can use the plus and minus button to change the lengths of both Session and Break interval. I have checked it and it is working fine. I have set the default values of the Session interval to be 25 minutes and Break interval to be 5 minutes. You can find it in the following wikipedia link -

Once you start the session, you can use the pause/ play button to temporarily halt the progress of the timer and the start/ stop button can be used to start or reset both the timers. Once you use it, you will get used to it.

And yes the Date() library function has been used to extract the millisecond part because setInterval() in javascript, by default, executes itself every millisecond. Again, numbers after the seconds will obviously change every time because I have not provided any millisecond parameter in the setInterval() function and that is why it is calling itself every millisecond.

have a look at my pomodoro, wondering if there’s something i should add