Built tribute page, need help, text under image

Dear Campers
So I have had a little trouble with making image responsive but in the end I managed to make it work and score of my page is 10/10 however there is BIG problem, text of the page goes underneath of image and I don’t know how to change it (other than changing margins so I give space for image, it feels like there could be better way of going around it but I just haven’t figured it out yet). Any ideas?
Here is my project: https://codepen.io/irys13/pen/BPpyRJ

You gotta be careful when you are messing with position attributes.

In this case, don’t give your #img-div position of absolute. Then it should work.

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Nevermind htanks it worked. I guess I got mixed up myself with it and panicked :expressionless: