Bulk Email Software Help

Hi All,

I am a self taught developer thanks to FCC. I need your help with some advise. I managed to secure a client for some web development work, but he also needed web hosting. I do not know much about web hosting, so I got him the cheapest deal I could find for him. Its good enough to host his wordpress website which i will build, but it has a limit of sending only 250 emails per hour. He needs to send out an email to atleast 3000 of his clients per hour. He will send this emails once or twice in a day.

I found online that there are stuff like MailChimp, but they are expensive as they provide other services as well like marketing etc. I do not need that, only need to send bulk email.

I found this website where it says that the bulk email software has an smtp relay, which I assume means that it can send up to 20000 emails per hour from their own servers. Can someone please advice on this and help me out with a cheaper solution as my client is not willing to send $100 per month (which is $250 my currency), as he knows that there are cheaper solutions that other people use. But I for the life of me cannot figure out which ones.


I have no experience in setting something like this and I’m not sure if this is the solution, but you may want to have a look at freeCodeCamp’s mail-for-good repository:

This is the medium article that introduced it: