Button radio way problem ( https://codepen.io/mouhssinelkhatta/pen/MWQJVRJ )

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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i wrote the code in full , but the site still gives me that the picture includes an error . can i review this code with me ? this is my link on the codepen platform

A Pen by mouhssinelkhatta (codepen.io)

have you linked the css to the html?

The new Responsive Web Design curriculum content has been released.

5) How do I use the new editor?

  • The new editor is as close to an external text editor as we wanted to get it. If the files for the challenge have been enabled, you can access the index.html and styles.css tabs which you should use for the respective code.
  • Two main differences between this editor and other online editors:
    • You need to link your styles.css file to your HTML (just like you would in real web-development), by adding the following line to the head of your HTML:
<link href="styles.css" />
    • You are encouraged to include the DOCTYPE, html, head and body tags for each project.

ok tanks for this formation

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