Buttons: FCC vs Code Pen [Solved]

Back at work on FCC after a month off for house guests. Now I am trying to make the buttons I need for navigation in my portfolio page. For now, I am not using JavaScript… that will come later.

I have been reviewing all the stuff about buttons in the FCC “Cat App”. I even played with then to add some and change them in various ways. They work fine there. But when I use the same code for my portfolio project in Code Pen, they don’t work. Classes such as block, primary, etc. don’t have any effect.

When I first looked at my code today, I found a lot of extra stuff I didn’t need, which I first commented out to make sure it was not essential, then deleted. Maybe I actually deleted something I needed? Or, maybe I added something I don’t need.

All I am concerned about now is the buttons. I would like them to be responsive (as they should be) and of different colors. As far as linking them to the anchor text… that will come later. I also tried to create a button for a FaceBook link at the bottom of the page and it doesn’t show up at all.

Here is a link to my project as it stands now. It is a fork of my original so I can continue to work on other parts.

Thanks in advance for looking this over for me and sending suggestions!

You will have to add Bootstrap to your codepen via the settings. In codepen all your links should be added in the settings and not in your html.

Hi… I finally had a chance to check your reply. Yep, I forgot to add Bootstrap.Now it works! Thanks so much!

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