Calculator Javascript aren't passing test 10#

Hey guys, I’ve been working on my calculator JavaScript for my front-end libraries certification, and for some reason that I don’t know it’s not passing test#10 and how to fix it. It’s a bit frustrating after so many hours into this challenge and I’ve tried almost everything and still not passing. I just want to know what to do to pass it, if someone could help me figure it out I’d be so glad, Thanks in advance!

My Codepen

I think the test is not passing because your calculator isn’t quite behaving correctly.

If you click ‘AC’ or ‘C’ you have a zero in the ‘answer’ display. If you then enter ‘0’ however, the zero disappears from the display. This could be what is causing that test to fail. The zero also disappears from both displays if you enter a decimal point (e.g. trying to enter the number 0.03, the display removes the integer 0 leaving only .03).

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Thanks! I checked again that part of the code and I found the mistake! thanks again!

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