JavaScript Calculator - Help


First time posting here. I’m a little confused with whats happening with the calculator tests. I’m passing about nine tests at the moment and there are several more that I should be passing. Some of the failed tests will pass when I manually enter them into the calculator, but this causes other tests to fail.

Here’s my project:

Any help would be appreciated,

Well good morning Michael, when i click in the calculator suite for the tests, it also give me the 7/16 numbers and also tells me what i have to do to pass those tests so let’s say that those tests are pre-made for a type of common logic this won’t mean your app is wrong, since the clear button is working and when i type 1301 it shows 1301 maybe the logic behind the test it’s made in a way that it’s not testing the way you did it. Have a nice day! (just try to keep it up, look what should be the result and if your calculator do it it’s fine)

Thank you for the advice! My calculator is giving the correct output for all but two of the tests, its just not passing them. So you’re probably right on the way the tests are done. I’ll fix the ones that aren’t correct then submit it.