Call for early access - Upcoming version of freeCodeCamp

Hey everyone! :wave:

We have been working hard behind the scenes to bring out the next version of freeCodCamp to you, our community. It has been announced a few times about what’s coming up in the future releases.

We are continuously deploying our current master, the default development branch on a separate isolated environment. This staging application is identical to our production environment in all aspects of functionality other than it using a separate database.

This isolation lets us test the development in a ‘production like’ scenario, without affecting regular users of freeCodeCamp’s platforms.

We welcome you to test these releases in a “public beta testing” mode and get early access to upcoming features to the platforms.

Your contributions via feedback and issue reports will help us in making the production platforms at freeCodeCamp more resilient, consistent and stable for everyone.

We thank you for reporting bugs that you encounter and helping us prior to general release to public on

You rock! Happy Contributing. :tada: :rocket:

Identifying the upcoming version of freeCodeCamp:

The domain name will be different than Currently this public beta testing version is available at:

Leaving feedback and reporting issues

We welcome you to try out the platform and report us any issues by creating issues on our public tracker available at:

Known Limitations:

There will be some known limitations and tradeoffs when using this beta version of freeCodeCamp.

  • All data / personal progress on these beta applications will NOT be saved or carried over to production.

    Users on the beta version will have a separate account from the production. The beta version uses a physically separate database from production. This gives us the ability to prevent any accidental loss of data or modifications. The dev team may purge the database on this beta version as needed.

  • There are no guarantees on the uptime and reliability of the beta applications.

    Deployment is expected to be frequent and in rapid iterations, sometimes multiple times a day. As a result there will be unexpected downtime at times or broken functionality on the beta version. The dev team will usually notify for updates in the Contributors Chat room.

  • Do not send regular users to this site as a measure of confirming a fix

    The beta site is and always has been to augment local development and testing, nothing else. It’s not a promise of what’s coming, but a glimpse of what is being worked upon.

  • Sign in and authentication only available via email, not social.

    Google, GitHub and Facebook logins will NOT be available in this beta mode. This is simply a technical limitation, because we are using a separate test domain for this version. Email logins will work just as fine.


whats the updates in this one?

there should be a completely new interface, many challenges reviewed… you can still check it without logging in like in the production website

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Didn’t you already update it year ago?

everything is continuously being improved! there is also a complete new lesson plan in the making, which is project based and as such will need a different interface (which is this new one in the beta site)

the old one will always work, with this new one i would need to redo everything from zero no? :stuck_out_tongue:
new interface is too gray :slight_smile:

is my freecodecamp certificate safe ?

curriculum update will be only for the non-mandatory challenges, projects stay untouched, and so also certifications

@tadejdanev : if you ever feel curious about what the curriculum could become in future, the beta version of the site is there - they would like feedback, and bug reports if things do not work but it is certainly not mandatory

What is the different between the new and the current one ?

I just saw a new (and some how, a slightly big for the site) font, a pair of navigation buttons in the challeges,

I think use that “coding-style” font in all the elements in the new site is not a good idea.

That coding-style font is suitable in the IDE only, not in the UI of the website,

That’s all I can see, and in my stupid opinion, the current one is still good :frowning:

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you can join the discussion here:

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Yes. We are improving freeCodeCamp’s interface and updating the challenges for a lot of fixes over the past year. Non of your previously earned certifications are affected.

Hey one issue I have found on my full stack certificate got from free code camp. I got that certificate two months ago. the issue is if I open that certificate today , it is written on the certificate that it is issued on today, if i open tomorrow , the date of issue will be tomorrow,

Ah jesus my eyes!!! Any way we can make it not dark with white text? It literally hurts my head.

Thanks for your feedback.

We have taken this into account. We would have something in the upcoming UI that will let you quickly toggle the theme right from any page you are on.

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Thanks for reporting. You are correct.

This is a known bug and has been fixed on the beta version of the platform. If you are interested I could import your data to the beta site with your permission and you could test this yourself.

@raisedadead I’m thrilled to see the progress we have made so far with the platform :tada:. I’ll test out the beta site and I’ll report issues to the repository.

I don’t find the current font to be very readable. The font in the lessons is too big. Background-color is maybe not the best one but it should have a darker tone that’s easier on the eyes. That’s my humble opinion. :wink:

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