Can a <div> element act like a <span>?

<div> elements are block elements which means they take up all the width of the screen, right?
So my question is:
If we set a particular width to it via CSS, say 25%, will it act as an inline element or block (following element after it, will be grounded on the following row)?

The best way to find the answer to this is to just try it yourself. What happens when you set a width of 25% to a div?

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Yeah, I was about to suggest the same thing, something like:

<div style="background-color:lightgreen; width: 25%">apple</div>pie

Good engineers like taking things apart and seeing how they work. I would say the same about software engineers.

I would also point out that these things can be manipulated with the display attribute. I would also point out that these tend to have a certain semantic meaning so I would want to check to see if there is an element with a better fit before messing with this stuff.

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