I don't think i understand elements inside a div tag



Shouldn’t anything inside a div tag be styled then what is the diffrent if i decide to put a link tag or a div tag inside a div tag.

I want to know why i don’t get the same result if i put an a tag with a class or a div tag inside a div in my mind it should be the same. What am i not understanding.

If i’m getting it right, you should read about the difference between block elements and inline elements.
You can get some info about the subject in here

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Gotcha i did this on all a tags https://gyazo.com/8211c2b9d6b9d451210122d6d2dece42.

Thank you i had read about block and inline before but i guess i didn’t really understand it. Thank you guess it’s alot i think i understand but i don’t.