Can anyone help me with react native and mapbox?

Hey can anyone help me with react-native and mapbox?
Whenever I’m running the command react-native run-android it first starts the app and immediately the app gets crashed

There are known issues with the current version of RN (0.56) on Windows that prevent a project from starting. Personally, I’m waiting for 0.57 to be released which aims to fix these issues. Others say they just reverted back to an older version, but I haven’t had success doing this using the RN CLI.

Is this problem only with windows? Because I’m using Ubuntu 16.04lts

I guess not then. If you go to, it shows that the circleci tests are failing. I’m personally waiting for things to get resolved, as I have already wasted a fair bit of time trying to get a RN project up and running with 0.56.

Well! In my case I don’t think there is any problem with React-Native because my other apps are working fine. This problem is just with this app in which I’m using mapbox.

Are your other apps using RN 0.56?

Are you talking about react-native cli 2.0.1

No. The RN cli automatically chooses the latest version of RN to download unless you state otherwise. You can check the RN version of your projects by opening their package.json files.

Yea got it It’s 0.56.0

Your working projects use 0.56? Well in that case your problem might not be with RN then. I would look on stack overflow and see if your problem has been discussed there.

Yea! I’m constantly looking for it