Can anyone please clear this doubt. what's wrong in this?

my code is

the error i got is " The text Loving should be wrapped in a label element."

If you need help then we’ll need to know the course and step you need help with. A link to the step would be best. We’ll also need you to paste your current code in here so we can see what you tried. In the future, just use the help button in the step to generate a post here as it will include the link and also your current code.

To display your code in here you need to wrap it in triple back ticks. On a line by itself type three back ticks. Then on the first line below the three back ticks paste in your code. Then below your code on a new line type three more back ticks. The back tick on my keyboard is in the upper left just above the Tab key and below the Esc key. You may also be able to use Ctrl+e to automatically give you the triple back ticks while you are typing in the this editor and the cursor is on a line by itself. Alternatively, with the cursor on a line by itself, you can use the </> button above the editor to add the triple back ticks.


@abinashrkumar It is better if you paste your code in here using the method I explained above rather than posting a pic. It makes it much easier to test your code on our end. In the future, please paste your code in here.

As for your issue, you spelled “label” wrong in the opening label tag. Also, the value for the for attribute should be exactly the same as the id for the input, that includes capitalization (or lack thereof). Finally, you need to add the text Loving to the label element. You do this the same way you add text for other elements, by placing the text between the opening and closing tags.


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