Can anyone recommend a podcast or audio book?

I am taking a long road trip next week. I am fairly new here, and want to keep my mind on programming. Are there any podcasts or audio books anyone can recommend that might be good to listen to during the drive? I am very new to programming and have only started working on the front end development. I am currently working on the basic algorithm scripting. I would prefer something code oriented, but am open to anything you might think would be beneficial. I feel I have an above average understanding of hardware, software, networks, and basic computer use.

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She interviews self-thought coders, its really inspiring.

I love Codenewbie, Javascript Jabber, and Javascript Air

The Versioning Show and Javascript Jabber are the ones I listen to.

ShopTalk podcast is really good. They alternate “rapidfire” episodes where they answer questions from listeners with episodes with interviews with developers about specific subjects.

If you’re learning Python, “Talk Python to Me” is really good.

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Wow, I was not expecting so many suggestions so fast. I really appreciate everyone who took time to answer my question. I am going to try all of those (long trip to and fro.) Thanks so much guys.


I would like to share a website that I found and they’re giving a free audio books. hope this hepls.