Books on way to work

Books on way to work
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Hi there Campers!

Do you recommend any books about programming that doesn’t require coding? My way to work takes me around an hour so it’s two hours per day I can spare more wisely than just listing to music. Problem is I can’t code in the mean time as it’s uncomfortable to carry laptop around but ebook reader is just perfect. :slight_smile:

If there is no any programming related books worth reading then maybe you know some life changing books? Personal development or something like this? I read The Slight Edge and read about half of Think and Grow Rich (haven’t finished it because it’s not an easy book to read) :slight_smile:

Cheers! :slight_smile:


I would suggest this article:, few books are mentioned ( I have read some of them and they were quite good).

I would also add:
Coders at work - [byPeter Seibel]

From time to time it’s hard to read, but I quite enjoyed reading it.


Try reading “The Pragmatic Programmer”. I am not sure if you can get it as an e-book but it’s the best non-code book for coders I have read so far.


Thanks! It looks interesting! :slight_smile: And yeah it is availble in ebook format. In my native language too what makes it way cheaper :slight_smile:


What is your native language?


For a non-programming book, hands down: The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. I have the Audible version and am listening to it for the third time right now.


@gwenf My native language is Polish :slight_smile: I’m not born English speaker and I don’t live in English speaking country :slight_smile:

@gordon2012 Thanks, going to check it out :slight_smile: