Could you guys recommend me some books

hey guys, i would like to know some books to learn more about web development, i do like online platforms but i also like to read books about any subject i’m studying, i’ve already studied study c++ and a bit of python in the college (i’m a young civil engineer) but i really like programming and then i studied swift for IOS development, and i’m already quite comfortable with the language, but now i’d like to learn more about web development, front-end, back-end, whatever.

Maybe this helps:

Have you searched the forums? There are so many books referenced out there, you’d find links for every topic you’re interested in.

I haven’t had the need to ask for more references so far: I’ve found more than I could handle by simply looking on the forums.

This guy is a very prolific youtuber. He has been a great resource for me so far.

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Sooo…you can have muscles AND program. That’s new. I should have a chat with my brother.


Hahahaha! Yeah, pretty impressive :laughing:

awesome, thanks guys

Think Python is available for free online as a PDF. It teaches Python / beginner programming and it’s really great.