I'm looking for suggestions

Hi, I’m currently studying computer engineering.and I want to work as a web developer and learn more about that topic. I’m taking the course that Mozilla.
Could you give me some books or websites where I can find more info about it?
Or personal recomendations.
Thank u !!!..

You can search for “web developer roadmap 2021” in YT for few others but most of them talk the same thing



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Have you tried https://freecodecamp.org yet? I hear good things.

Seriously, in addition to the core HTML CSS javascript stuff, there is a lot of course content to challenge you here, at many levels of progress.


Sure, I dont say but I learn here.

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Thanks I watch video now!!!

@FernandoBL I suggest starting with the Freecodecamp’s extensive curriculum. It is a great place to learn.

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Thanks for u recomendation, where you think is a good idea to start. I think is good start with Responsive Web Design or u think I need start with other?

You should start with Responsive Web Design and work your way down! It starts simple and continually builds on your previous knowledge, it’s great! Especially if you don’t know where to start, that’s what I would recommend :slight_smile:


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