I'm open for suggestions considering buying some books about web development

Hello friends!

It’s been a while since I post here in this forum. I was feeling demotivated since my computer broke down and I’m coding using an android code editor. I’m investing some decent amount of money in books. Do you guys have any book suggestions? I’m open for book suggestions.

Welcome back to the forum @Mikael3211

Instead of investing money on books, try viewing articles and books online.

Your particular book choices will depend on which topics interest you.
Personally, I like to read articles which summarise parts of a topic, so I get an overview of what is required to learn, the general structure, and how it relates to other areas.

Happy coding

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I’m a book person myself and I don’t mind paying for a good book. Or, I’m often able to check them out at my local library. I don’t have a particular recommendation for you, but I would start with a book that covers the basics (HTML/CSS/JS) instead of a book that focuses on a particular framework (like React). You might google something like “best front end development books” or search on Amazon. Just make sure to get one that isn’t more than a few years old as things change fast in our industry and you don’t want one that is too out of date.


Thank you so much. I will check some Books on Amazon, there’s a ton of good books I don’t know which one to choose . The best option are books about HTML, CSS and Javascript (specially this one). Thank you for your suggestion.

@Teller thank you so much! I didn’t realise that freecodecamp also provide some free good books. I will check them out right now.

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