Can i be both front end developer and graphic designer

As you see the question you can understand.

As I am learning web development in the FCC. I just mess around the internet and capture the topic of design. So my question is Can you be both a front-end developer and graphic designer?

If you need any detail please let me know

Can you be both a programmer and a designer? Yes, certainly. Can you be a skilled programmer and designer? That’s much harder, because time. Design and programming are two large domains that don’t really overlap. In practice, one domain generally makes use of the other, but most of the skills required are specific to each domain. And the time required to master a useful, practical set of skills from either domain is non-trivial (as in: normally years). So you’re effectively doubling the amount of learning and practicing you need to do.

This is why people specialise: it’s very difficult to be skilled in two distinct domains at the same time. Whereas concentrating on one normally yields the best results for most people. And if you don’t exercise a skill, it atrophies, so you need to be doing both constantly.

There is also a secondary issue, in that imo a self-taught designer is likely to be at a significant disadvantage, training-wise, to a graduate. With programming, self-taught programmers are very common. Design involves a very large amount of practical training, and that’s difficult to get outside of a college environment.

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You have
front end development

also web design

and then graphics design

You can be a web designer instead. Web designer make use of dedicate software like adobe XD or figma for graphic presentation of FrontEnddevelopment

Graphics design focuses on graphics generally more than web design

However if you learn graphics design you may not learn the concept of web design structure

Learn web design if you have to

learn front end if you want to

But graphics design is far from FrontEndDevelopment

However you can learn graphics design and FrontEndDevelopment

I’ll recommend web design and FrontEndDevelopment

Some web designers went ahead to further in coding

While some FrontEndDeveloper went further to learn web design

It’s up to you to understand and choose

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