Can I change the project link after I've already claimed my certificate?

I just claimed my Responsive Web Design certificate before realising that the links I submitted led to the editor view on Codepen. I’m worried that this might confuse someone if they were to take a look at my projects since what you see in editor view is different to what the page actually looks like in full page view.

Is it possible to change the links for each project so that when open, it brings you to the full page? Will this change the solution in the claimed certificate?

Also, when I check my certification straight through the Responsive Web Design section, the links to my projects don’t show up even though my certificate is visible. Is that normal, or is it an issue on my end? To add to that, when I click my profile, the certificate doesn’t appear. It says ‘No certifications have been earned under the current curriculum’. Does it take time for the certificate to show up there?

yes, you can change the project links, just submit the new links in the project pages

for your cert not appearing, check your account privacy settings - if you don’t have parts of your account set to public, the cert will not be visible.

Thanks! I’ll do that.
Also, I checked my account settings, and it looked like there were some parts that were private. Thank you for letting me know.

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