Can I do frontend(backend would be a bonus) on an ipad

Can I code on an ipad.
Does here code on an ipad :thinking:
What are the apps I’ll have to use to code on an ipad.
I have a laptop, but it’s battery life, SUCKS.
So, yes.

if you can open GitPod you have a complete in browser dev environment, that can spin up local version of websites without using your device memory

I don’t know of any specific app tho

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It’s possible, but it’s a pain in the butt. My recommendation would be to use services that you can access online like CodePen, Replit, StackBlitz, GitPod, etc.

One thing you will want is either an external keyboard or a coding keyboard app. The default Apple virtual keyboard will give you all sorts of headaches.


I’ve got an external keyboard and a pen.
And will the apps you mentioned have “inspect element” feature?

Those aren’t Apple Apps. They’re websites. The “inspect element” option is part of the browser. I don’t know what type of development tools are available on iPad browsers.

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I MEANT WEBSITES, I’M REALLY SORRY :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
But I WAS looking for some apps, but anyway, I found stackblitz very very very nice, it’s just like vscode, so I’ll use it, I thinking of switching my whole SETUP/WORKFLOW to stackblitz cuz the code is synced!
Any disadvantages to this?

And anyway you know how I can get inspect element working on an iPad in safari.

Thanks a lot, I’m really liking stackblitz.

And btw, those who want to use their ipads as frontend dev machines you can also consider
Stackblitz and codesandbox both have visual studio code features, mainly :-
Emmet autocompletion
And the user interface

If the both are the same, and you are confused, I’d suggest that you go for because it looks better and is way less taxing on the cpu.
Stackblitz looks EXACTLY like vs code, while codesandbox doesn’t QUITE, you can make out it’s inspired from it, but stackblitz is EXACTLY like vs code.
DGMW, csb looks LIKE vs code, but not as much as stackblitz

I wouldn’t recommend trying to do web dev on a tablet. You have to deal with a lot of files, you have to deal with things like hover events (what is that on a tablet), and as a web developer you will want to try it on different screen sizes with different browsers. Can you develop with a tablet? Sure. I can also cut my lawn with a pair of scissors, but that doesn’t make it a good idea.

Learning on a tablet, I could maybe see that. But if you want to build complex pages, it’s hard enough on a computer. I can’t even imagine storing all those projects and files on a tablet. And things like node_modules would just eat up your memory. My current work folder is 61GB.

If you want to be a professional, I think you’re going to want a computer eventually, even a cheap one.

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I’ll be using an external mouse and keyboard.

I actually do, but, it’s battery life is very poor, I can’t take it around with me, the display is very dim and the quality(color accuracy) is very bad, there is a huge difference putting a macbook air close to it in the colors.

I can use my desktop for heavy workloads, and for lighter frontend dev I can use or right?

Tablets really make programming more difficult than actual computers, in my experience. Heck, I strongly prefer a desktop over a laptop when available.

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I just want to just this as an alternative, ON THE COUCH, WHILE TRAVELLING etc. experience. I’ll mainly use my desktop.

Your experience may be different, but I am far less productive on the couch than at my proper development machine.

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Oh ok. I’m comfortable working on the couch! So I’m good then?

You may somehow be able to be as productive writing professional software on a small tablet as other developers are on a proper laptop or desktop. It isn’t terribly likely, in my experience, but it is possible.

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I think it’s pretty clear that using a phone or tablet will introduce considerable additional barriers. Whether it’s out of desire or necessity, you CAN learn to program on a device like that. You will, however have to be dedicated to overcoming the technical shortcomings and will not have all the resources available on a laptop or desktop computer.

No one is telling you that you can’t learn if the tool you have is an iPad, but you’re going to have to spend time and effort figuring out how to make it work.

In this community we have seen people overcome extreme adversity by learning to code on a 10 year old cell phone or in areas that don’t have reliable internet. So no one is saying “Buy a desktop or give up”. What we are saying is “Choosing to use something other than a computer is making things harder than they have to be”. It doesn’t affect us what you do and you don’t need to convince us. It’s your choice.


Yes. I actually want to clear that I already have a desktop computer, and an ipad will be an add-on when I’m out 'n about.
Because laptops that offer the same or higher performance (VERY RARE) than this, either skimp on battery life, display quality etc.

I think I didn’t make it clear, I’m not saying that this’ll be my primary device, and it is very right of you to say that I should choose a desktop instead because of having more space and a better operating system. All I’m asking is if I can use a tablet as a web dev device, and you told me about some websites and I liked them very much! I’ll use them!
And for what I do, I think it’s enough for me.
And ipads also have pen support so I can take written notes! Or write stuff down!
Thank you very much!

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