Develop on tablets/phones?

Hello World!

I’m on coding adventure right now, I do not have a laptop/pc to test my skills on. So I was wondering if there is any app or a method to write codes so it executes and shows me the end result.

For instance if I wanted to develop a app or game for android, I would need knowledge of java but also a place where to write the codes in. Is there anywhere such app that can be used to write in codes also to be executed so I can look at the end results (what my code does when i press “run”). Hope you guys get what I’m trying to express.

Not sure if it is exactly what you are looking for, but check out the app SoloLearn. Besides giving introductions to many different languages, they also have a Code Playground where you can write your own code and execute it. You can share it with the public too or check out code written by others. It works quite well.

Take a look at it here, maybe it helps you! :smiley:


Probably not realistic to program on a phone. Try to buy a cheap $200 laptop. Once you have a cheap computer all you need is a few web browsers and a text editor.

Sololearn is what I’m using right now ヽ(´▽`)/ I was thinking about something like Visual studio from Microsoft. Thanks for your reply though!

Sadly I guess your right, getting money for that purpose now :grin: Thanks for reply!

Try Visual Studio Code!

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For $150 or less, you can buy a Dell i7 studio laptop with a big screen, lots of memory and ample hard drive space. Then just upgrade windows Vista to windows 10 and you have a very capable (though heavy and thick) laptop that’s more than capable to run anything incl Visual Studio, Code, npm, git, etc.

Free upgrade to Win 10 using the assistive technology download link at Microsoft.