Any app to code on android?

Is there some app to let you write simple js/python code on android smartphone?

The most common options that come to mind are termux, and using an ssh client.

Termux is an emulator that you can use to do basic stuff. Due to the environment being your phone, a bunch of stuff might act weird or not work. So I’d only use Termux if you want to focus in basic syntax and use-cases.

Using an ssh client allows you to connect to an external system via ssh. This means your phone just acts like a “dumb terminal”, where you enter/view information, where everything is actually ran on the server your connected too. This is the most foolproof way to use your phone for programming, as you have near unlimited options on what you can do and how.

This however does require another system, and you setting such a system up so you can connect too it through ssh.

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thanks for the information

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