Coding with android phone

Hello campers…
Please who else codes/used to code with phone and probably very good at it…
Please reach out I need help.


In the very beginning at my coding journey I was used to do this. I don’t do this anymore because it’s a lot more work and just not as powerful as a computer. I quit on phone after several months and bought me a computer. I already knew then that I wanted to keep doing this.

What do you program on your phone?


Thank you for reaching out @YEDevelopment.
I am new to coding and started with my phone since I can’t afford a system now. I have learnt html & css basically using codepen editor. Now I am learning javascript and downloaded an offline editor (quoda) but I can’t seem to figure out how to save files and link the js and html files to each other. Most of the concepts still confuse me though but I want to see a way I can practice whatever I learn…
Can you please give me a guide on how to achieve this? Thank you

Ok now I have solved it @YEDevelopment. I have successfully linked the files now and its working. Thank you.

Hey @ugoamaka !

Glad it works now. I always used codepen too. In my opinion, that’s the best online editor out there. I don’t actually know the app you mentioned.

You can also look at a really cheap laptop if you really want to go further with html / css / js. You really don’t need a super good computer for these 3 languages.

Good luck, and have fun learning.


nowadays with online development environments you just need a computer that can navigate the internet

I am using gitpod, which works as well as any editor you could install on your computer, also connected directly to the github repository


i found a post somewhere in this forum about ‘SPCK Editor’.
i’m now learning js with that on my android.