What is Best way to practice coding on mobile?

Hi ! I am working full time and I get very less to work on computer. I have time to use mobile while I am on job.

hi @jhoney91, a fellow camper @kunalgupta05 told me about this app Enki that is really helpful for mobile dev learning. It’s tagline is “A 5 minute daily workout for your dev skills” :smile:


Thank you. I will try this.

Coding on mobile is generally horrible!

A few years ago, when I was learning Python, the iPhone app Pythonista was actually good. They had a custom keyboard that made things like colons and various brackets available on the top row - a much better experience than most coding apps.

I haven’t found a good JS equivalent. I’ve got JSAnywhere on my phone now, but I only used it once to test a simple idea I had about a nested loop - I’d hate to do any serious coding on it :slight_smile:

The best use for my phone for learning to code is to hang out on the forums (on phone right now) - helping people is a great way to cement your learning. Pro tip: create a text-replace shortcut on mobile to easily get triple backticks for posting code blocks in the forum. Whenever I type zxc it suggests the triple backtick - they are a pain to type on iOS.

The other good use of my phone is watching tutorials and reading You Don’t Know JS (available for free on GitHub).


I have cppDroid, an application on my Android. It is great – almost as good as CodeBlocks on my PC.

I had a similar disappointing experience with JS anywhere. I found a better one for iOS called console:log.
Coding on a phone is just not enjoyable, unless you get a small Bluetooth keyboard.
I mostly use console.log to copy code examples from YDKJS books and tweak them to see if I am understanding the concepts. Seems to be lacking ES6 support in the current version however.

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You can try fCC’s new (sort-of) partner, SoloLearn.

Personally, I don’t think their curricula are amazing, though they’re fine for learning the basics. What’s more compelling about the app are the challenges, where you pit your skills against opponents answering user-generated quiz questions, and the built in text editor/runtimes for various languages (including “Web”, which functions similarly to the Codepen editor but optimized for mobile).

A word of caution about the editor, though — if your phone closes the app to conserve battery/memory, you’ll lose unsaved changes, so remember to save regularly!


To be brutally honest, trying to code on a mobile phone makes about as much sense as trying to play golf in an elevator.


Why not use your work computer? If you’re allowed to use your mobile at work during work the same should apply to your computer. Personally I think coding on mobile is a terrible idea. As others have mentioned, a “real” computer is infinitely better. If you have no other option though, I highly recommend using a Bluetooth keyboard. Mobile keyboards just don’t cut it. I have one and use it for typing long emails and such.