Apps for learning/reveiwing coding concepts?

I don’t think it’s practical to code on a mobile device, but I would love an app to review coding concepts on the go when I’m not by my computer (and as a better alternative to the constant pull of social media). Are there any apps out there like that? The only two I’ve found that might be like that are Programming Hub and Mimo, but I haven’t heard anything about them from trusted sources.

I’ve used enki for a while, and it was pretty good, except for apparent lack of maintenance and few errors/bugs. Nowadays when I’m away from computer I think my time is better spent reading a good JS book, like those in the YDKJS series, or listening to a coding podcast.

I’ve used Mimo it’s look a bit easy I not sure if i will really improve my skills

I have only used this app

I find it good for reviewing through JS & ES6 syntax but I do not use it a lot. I mostly just compete in the quizzes which really helps with reading and comprehending snippets of code. From what I have seen the community there is also nice.

however, like @ArtemPetrov I prefer to read on my commute so I have also been going through the YDKJS series

Hi. I’ve used Mimo and, as for me, this is the best one. Here at Samedaypapers you will find reviews about it. Also, I haven’t heard anything about Solo Learn or Programming Hub, so I definitely need to check them.

reading code is a practical way to refresh ideas on the go. And it does not require clumsy UI, or complicated apps. Sometimes less is more.