Need some tips from you


Hello, thanks for reading this.
I’m on the path of learning as a self thought developer, I’m very eager to learn programming beginning with Web Dev. through Mobile App and IoT/Software Dev… But there are both personal (and general) challenges I’m having.

Here’re Top Ones:
Firstly, I mostly spend my time on mobile, with limited internet bandwidth as cost of data subscription and power is high over here. This has make it very challenging for me to practice using most coding sites like FCC, codecademy, etc as they are customized for desktop.
COULD YOU PLEASE suggest a workaround for me, maybe if you have similar experience? What
do you think could work for me?

Secondly, I have very little time for myself, as I spend most of the time working - just to take care of the basic personal expenses. This is very discouraging to me.
HAVE YOU SIMILAR EXPERIENCE? How did you manage to STAY motivated? What practical steps really helped you to keep going and to finally become a developer from a Beginner?

I’m just curious, although I love coding (even recommending others to learn it and teaching the little I know), I still feel that I’m very slow at it and can’t measure where I am on the ladder.

Though this is a long post, I’ll very much appreciate to hear your suggestions, advise and tips. (Ooooh, it’s almost the end of 2019, and I really need to achieve something).

Thanks All.

have you tried the sololearn app it has a good mobile code editor where you can build projects and share them, they also have lessons and challenges against other learners too you can even make your own challenges for others to play if you want, might be good to check out if you havent got a desktop :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, I have a profile here:

I completed the HTML, CSS, partially the JS, PHP, and SQL courses, (2017 - refreshing recently) but honestly, I can’t measure the extent of what I can do with the codes I’ve learned so far. IDK how to evaluate this.