Mobile Apps To Learn Coding?

Hi, are there any good mobile apps to learn coding?

thank you.

I heard of one called Solo Learn. Don’t know if it’s any good, but you could try yourself :slight_smile:

the closest practical purpose of using mobile application to learn coding i can think of is udemy application.

I think coding quickly gets too complicated and involves way too much typing to effectively learn on a mobile device.

Encode is the one which is effective to learn coding on an Android device. It is a perfect app for beginners, powered by JavaScript. It delivers small programming lessons through which user can easily learn coding on their mobile devices.

Thanks a lot for information

I’m currently following SoloLearn for when I have a 15 minute break in work and want to do a little bit of revision.

I’ve enjoyed it so far, but the testing is far less rigorous than on here, for example. They also have lots of little topics which serve as nice introductions to the likes of Java and Angular.

It has a good community and has some fun leader boards. Maybe give that a go?

learning to code involves too much muscle memory to learn properly from your phone so youre better off just watching youtube videos on coding instead