Hello I am new to Code

Hi Campers!

Just started learning about HTML and CSS from YouTube a few weeks ago before I came across FCC. I love the experience so far even though I still have a very long way to go. I use my mobile phone to code (I hope this is OK though) and I sometimes get discouraged when I am unable to solve a particular challenge.
How was like when you guys started? Is it compulsory I use a laptop? My laptop has been damaged.

Its going to be tough to do much more than skim thru basic guides, and typing here and there without a keyboard, or computer.

The best way to learn is to do. Watching videos will give you and idea of what there is to learn, but it wont teach you much more than that. It’s like saying reading books on exercising is going to help you stay fit. You gotta use what you read about to get anything out of it.

Not being able to solve a challenge is expected, thats the whole point. If everything was easy-peasy the whole time you aren’t learning. Learning comes with the challenge, being able to overcome that challenge is the experience you need to succeed later. Being able to get your way out of problems that you are struggling with is the real skill to learn. Just make sure if you look up the answer you go back and try to do it from memory/intuition, and dive deep into why the solution you find works.

Finally, if you find something you don’t understand, seek out the answers to it so your at least familiar with it. Programming (coding) is hard, and there’s a lot to learn (and more to learn every day!) so don’t be afraid of the lack of knowledge, embrace it!

PS. You can easily learn FCC on a Chromebook or cheap laptop. You could even keep learning on your phone, but programming on a phone is probably as hard as writing an essay on one, except even harder since your will be typing symbols half the time!

Good luck and keep it up :smile:

Thank you bradtaniguchi.

Hello @Shokes, welcome to the forum.

Coding on mobile can be quite detrimental, mainly due to sheer difficulty of using text-editor efficiently.

At the end of the day, coding is nothing more than writing a text on an editor, then asking some program to interpret and run it.

Moreover there are lots of different editors for pc with extra features, like code highlight, easy copy / paste, search, file tree view and so on…

As far as I am aware there are limited options for such programs on mobile, and I personally never tried one.

Just for some context, on a laptop you can open any editor (even non coding related one), type some HTML and CSS and save it.
Then you locate the file and asks your preferred browser to open it and…
it’s done! You have a working local copy.

On a mobile (let’s say an iPhone), even if you do the same on the Note app, then there’s no way to ask Safari to open it.

So, for the time being, you can solve some guided task on an online platform like FCC, but eventually you’ll reach a point where you want to try something on your own, and I’m afraid you’ll need a computer for that.

But rest assured, as long as you don’t try some complex computing like model rendering or game development, a cheap laptop will suffice, you don’t need the highest end of technology.

Good luck and happy coding :tada:

when I started, my brother helped me, I don’t know how to help you ((sorry