Learning on FCC

Hey. I’ve completed HTML5 and nearly done with CSS3 learning from w3schools. I wanted to get a certificate from FCC since it had a lotta perks afterwards (getting a job and all). However, I don’t have access to internet for my computer or it’s very hard to get one without it’s costs being too high. I wanted to do the challenges on mobile instead. But that also proved challenging since the keyboard’s layout is for SMS not code. Is there a way to save the projects on my computer, do them there, and submit them on mobile as .htm .css whatever? Or alternatives I haven’t thought of?

Right now FCC isn’t optimized well for mobile use, but I believe that is because mobile support is one of the UI improvements that will roll out incrementally. That won’t solve your keyboard issue though, which I would also find very frustrating. It sounds like you do have a computer but that you only connect to the internet via your phone. Is your computer a laptop that you could take to an internet cafe or library occasionally? If so, you could set it up for offline development in a few different ways. If you have the ability to transfer files between your computer and your phone, you can experiment with saving solutions as files and pasting their contents into FCC on your phone.

If you come up with a good solution, please come back and share it, because you’re not the first camper to ask this question.

Well that’s how I ask questions related to my code. I either copy paste them from the .docx file I saved it as, or get the code directly from the w3schools try it editor I took it out of. Though this is can also work for the challenges, it would delay the completion of that challenge significantly.

Yes my computer is portable. I do go to cafes with Wi-Fi hotspots regularly but it’s not fast enough to connect my computer.

I do hope you can find a way to make the challenges offline. Maybe create an editor like Try It?

You can run the entire curriculum on your computer offline (you would just need to be able to get online to get it set up). You can also set your computer up to test things offline. You don’t need to be online to open a HTML file in your computer’s browser, and there are ways to set up a REPL (Read-Eval-Print-Loop) on your computer to test JavaScript. You would want to do some research and experimentation to figure out how to set your computer up for offline development. As far as I know, no one has yet shared a guide for how they set theirs up.

ETA: The one part that you can’t do offline is actually submit your solutions to FCC. If having a public portfolio and claiming certificates is important, you would need to work out a way to get your solutions online.

Alright I will research how to set up my computer. I will get the curriculum and then work on like 5 to 10 challenges at a time so that I won’t have to copy paste for each one. I can do it all at once. Where can I get the curriculum to work with it offline?

I believe that if you go to the GitHub repository there are instructions for running your own local instance. Perhaps under the Contributing instructions.

No I couldn’t find anything on that topic in the readme



Ohhh I see now. Didn’t go far down to read how its done before. Thank you :slight_smile: