Using freeCodeCamp offline?

Hey there,

Is there anyway to download freecodecamp for offline use?


Yes - you can clone the Free Code Camp repository and complete the entire thing offline :slight_smile:

We will eventually create a hybrid online/offline mode, where you can complete challenges offline and they will get submitted to FCC when you re-establish a connection.


Oh awesome, Is there a tutorial for this? I would like to open up freecodecamp on my bus commute to work


Is there any tutorial for this please? :slight_smile:

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Sure - try this: How to clone and setup the Free Code Camp website on a Windows pc


Are you guys getting close to make an offline app for FCC ? That would be great.


Hello @QuincyLarson, can you guys make a video tutorial on “how to clone and setup the freecodecamp website on a windows pc” ? May be it’s lot to ask but I believe it would help a lot of people like me. I really need an offline version of freecodecamp but I am stuck at setting it up on my pc :frowning: I really love FCC :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback. We may try this, but one issue with video is it’s difficult to update it if something changes.

Hello, how would I do this for a linux machine.The tutorial only covers windows machines

Hello, I want to ask.

Does install mailhog required?
Im stuck with this. Because, i really dont know how to install it.

Questions but first Greetings, I am new to FCC and its seems such wonderful site to learn and contribute, Anyway, I have a question: when you work on FCC offline, can you progress through the curriculum say like HTML for beginners on the go? My 2nd question is I use my github account to login and I am not sure how certifications work when I am using user name or would you request real name to proof to employers?, can you tell me about how certifications work plse?

Hi Ted, welcome to the forum!

Your offline freeCodeCamp progress won’t be visible to employers, but you can easily go to and submit your projects there. Then you can claim the certifications and they - and your projects - will be visible to employers.

You can change your name in the settings, too, so that employers see your real name on the certifications.

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The certificates are indeed visible publicly but I can only see the projects privately (while logged in) in my settings but not publicly, unless of course I’m doing something wrong here, although that used to be the case before the current version (when the legacy certs were active)

Could you email me at and link to your freeCodeCamp profile? I can investigate this further.

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done @QuincyLarson, thanks for looking into it.

Someone expressed the concern on running the offline FCC app (after it is created), on Lunix. I have the same concern for other OS.

  • For this I would like to suggest to build the app using “Electron”. This will enable it to run it on various OS.

  • One more option is to make the content available on “Kolibri”. But I would not like to suggest it because on my PC it runs only after installing it. That is I have it to reinstall it again and again to use it every time.

  • I will suggest if the app (offline FCC) is made something like “kolibri”.

  • One more suggestion is to make that app using python. There are many other options waiting to be discovered.

  • According to me the best option would be to make the app using “Electron”.

Hope this helps and doesn’t takes much of your time.

And thanks for opening FCC. It helps me a lot.

My best wishes with FCC and you. May this organization lives long and helps billions.

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