Downloadable video tutorials?

Is there a location to download (or watch ad-free) the tutorials uploaded to YouTube?

I found that you can clone the site (this post) through Git. But other than youtube-dl (which a lot of users may not be comfortable using) I haven’t seen any ability to download the videos for offline use.

I ask because I basically memorized the Grammarly commercial while enduring the (otherwise great) Android Development course.

I understand just posting / hosting the videos publicly could waste a lot of bandwidth but if there was a log-in/request only location (with a maximum # of vids &/or data/use cap) I think it might be manageable (admittedly not knowing your back end, or finanicals).


As far as I am aware, all of our content hosted on YouTube is not hosted on some other place where it is easier to download. Video hosting is expensive, so I do not anticipate freeCodeCamp running it’s own video hosting service any time soon. In my opinion, it doesn’t make good financial sense when we can host on YouTube for free.

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